The Destruction of the Old Business Model and an Opportunity for Rebirth

As a consequence of the pandemic, the decades-old business model of rigid office-based working has been disrupted. The world we once knew is no longer, as the vast majority of professional organisations have pivoted to a hybrid or remote working model.

However, this has spurred a series of cascading challenges: rising mental health issues, organisational struggles and a marked decline in the importance and effectiveness of work.

At PUSH, we sought to understand why these changes are manifesting in the world at large and, to do this, we surveyed a nationally representative audience of C-Suite leaders, middle managers and more junior employees.

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1. Out with the old, in with the new: The destruction of the old business model and an opportunity for rebirth

2. The power of relationships: Why a disconnect between C-suite, middle managers and employees is wreaking havoc on businesses

3. Safe spaces; the heart of innovation: How safety and connection will provide the answer to our fearful employees and enable both peak performance and growth

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