New sessions to help you create a 'SAFE SPACE' at work

The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day is
'Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority.'

At PUSH, we believe the best and simplest way to achieve this is by helping to make your company a 'SAFE SPACE', where your team can show up authentically and speak up in psychologically safe environments - promoting positive mental health for all.

With this in mind, we have pulled together the WMHD ‘Safe Space’ session packs which include:

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People Manager Sessions

Never has it been so essential to upskill our People Managers to help create psychologically safe environments for their teams.

We know that individuals are often promoted into management positions based on their ability to do their jobs well and not necessarily on their management ability.

Coupled with that, we are now asking more of our managers than ever before; especially in hybrid working environments where they are expected to understand and support their team’s needs.

To support your managers to support their team’s needs, as a foundational starting point, we have pulled together the following three sessions:

- Create psychological safety in the workplace

- Essential mental health guide for managers

- Mental health: starting the conversation


Employee Sessions

All employees need to acknowledge their role in looking after their wellbeing and mental health - as it can’t just be a top down approach in the workplace.

We all have a responsibility to learn, develop and upskill in this area to positively impact how we collectively approach mental health in the workplace.

With this in mind. we have pulled together three sessions that will get the team thinking about to support their own mental wellbeing, but also how to have more authentic and honest conversations with those they work with:

- How to make your mental health a priority

- Making workplaces safer to talk about mental health

- How boundaries support positive mental wellbeing

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PUSH in your pocket

The jewel in our crown has always been our LIVE sessions, but in launching our mission to Make Work Better we realised we were missing something: a digital solution that would provide our clients with wrap-around support.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce
PUSH in Your Pocket

The digital trainer that Makes Work Better for you and your team.

We will give your team access to PUSH in Your Pocket if a WMHD programme is booked.

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The IMPACT we have

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